How to go to the Bihotz

Brief indications

We are in the sea town of Santurtzi. A town, almost a city, with close of 50,000 people, located in the left side of the Nervión sea river, in the mouth.

You can came here easily by using the public transport, like buses of Bizkaibus or Neighborhoods trains (RENFE) and Metro (Underground).

You can also came by car using the exit of Santurtzi center if you are going in Bilbao-Santander direction, and the exit of Santurtzi port if you are going in the opposite direction , Santander-Bilbao.

Map of situation

Juan XXIII, 1
48980 Santurtzi
43°19’48.9″N  3°02’02.4″W
43.330250,  -3.033998