The Txoko


The society has a social premise that act as txoko. It has kitchen and dining room, what allows the celebration of meals or dinners until a maximum of 30 people.

For its use is necessary the reserve on the part of a member, who is responsible of the good operation and use of the premises as well as to fill up the LIQUIDATION LEAF and to pay the amount of the expenses to the person in charge of the txoko, according to he settles down in the lists of prices placed in the Txoko.


For booking, pick up the keys ant bring the liquidation leaf is necessary to go any Thursday to the society premises from 18 to 20 hours, where the responsible person of txoko will serve you.

You can also make a reservation by telephone in the 94 483 69 46, but these depends on the confirmation of the responsible person of the txoko.

Booking by e-mail will not be attended.


The using fee is 1,20 euros each person in lunches and dinners. There will be 1,50 more euros in the case of requesting clean service. Younger people of 12 years old are free of fee, although they will have to pay in the case of requesting clean service.